Nominating "Butts Up" as an ofifcial sport of the 2016 Rio Olympics.


  • Episode 22: “Butts Up”

    Episode 22: “Butts Up”


    The show starts off with a blast from a past, as Justin and Owen mock Raphael mercilessly about the name of his favorite childhood game. The boys also talk some sports, discussing the surprising teams still in the MLB wild card race, early impressions from the NFL preseason, the continued struggles of Tiger Woods, and […]

  • Episode 21: “Talk in the Park”

    Episode 21: “Talk in the Park”


    Justin, Owen, and Raphael talk about the Biogenesis suspensions, the effect of park factors on baseball performance, why you ought to love the Manning brothers, more hot water for Johnny Manziel, and what Rogers Cup results might mean for the US Open. Plus, the guys give their Fist Pumps/Punches and offer up a few Beers […]

  • Episode 20: “Homerism”

    Episode 20: “Homerism”


    Justin was off at the beach last weekend getting redder than Riley Cooper’s neck at a Kenny Chesney concert, so please excuse the show’s late posting this week. In this episode, the guys discuss whether we should care about Johnny Manziel’s off-field troubles, expectations for our real-life and fantasy football teams, the MLB trade deadline, […]

  • Episode 19: “Royally F!*%ed”

    Episode 19: “Royally F!*%ed”


    Justin, Owen, and Raphael discuss the shocking Ryan Braun suspension without appeal: Raphael and Owen are happy to see justice served while Justin worries about the MLBPA colluding with MLB. Then the guys nominate midseason winners for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and biggest surprises and disappointments. Next, Owen offers his thoughts on […]

  • Episode 18: “Home Run Derby Commentary with One Participant on a Five Second Delay”

    Episode 18: “Home Run Derby Commentary with One Participant on a Five Second Delay”


    Justin (the play-by-play guy overly reliant on cliches), Raphael (the community college Communications major), and Owen (the former “player”) provide live commentary on the 2013 Home Run Derby. Plus, digressions on fried chicken, light beer, and cougars. Show length: 1:24 – Download the show

  • Episode 17: “Decapitation”

    Episode 17: “Decapitation”


    Justin and Raphael go in depth on Wimbledon results and the evolution of tennis, offseason moves in the NBA, and a very unfortunate soccer referee. Plus, Kaiyi stops by again for some Jeremy Lin analysis. Show length: 1:18 – Download the show

  • Episode 16: “Ping Pong”

    Episode 16: “Ping Pong”


    It’s a short podcast this week, as Justin is on the road, Owen is trapped in an oven, and Raphael is eating like it’s Christmas Eve. We begin the show this week by discussing the surprising news regarding Aaron Hernandez and precisely how fucked he is … Raphael is permitted to gloat about Chris Davis, […]

  • Episode 15: “Fantasy Bump”

    Episode 15: “Fantasy Bump”


    We apologize for the delayed show this week, but audio problems and travel schedules forced us to post it later than usual. The show begins with Justin and Raphael recapping an incredible NBA finals and the outlook for the Heat and Spurs going forward. Then, we take a brief dip into the NFL to discuss […]