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As a child I learned the hard way that nothing is more valuable, important or fragile in life than good health. As an adult I've extensively studied the business and science of health and healing. After college, I went to work in the pharmaceutical industry. First, I worked in research and then sales including 8 years of selling cancer chemotherapy for Bristol-Myers Squibb. I loved that job and was very successful at it. But gradually, my beliefs changed. After learning, first hand, from many top medical oncologist's that an increasing number of cancers today are environmentally caused from toxic chemicals in our everyday lives that overwhelm our bodies, my focus shifted. Realizing that filling cancer patients with chemotherapy drugs to the brink of death and then pulling them back before they cross over into death didn't address the underlying problem, I became uninterested that approach. I wanted to understand how to prevent not just cancer, but illness in general, and how people can treat and cure illnesses without pharmaceutical drugs. I wasn't interested in how to prolong a patient’s life after a disease has disabled their body.

So, after 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I quit. My boss and my co-workers were shocked and actually I was too. But I sincerely wanted to focus on natural, preventative approaches to preserving health more than focusing on how to use toxic chemical drugs to mask disease and disguise symptoms. I no longer believed that the pharmaceutical industry offered the only answers or even acceptable answers for me to maintain my good health and my family’s. Despite the fact that I look back fondly on my pharmaceutical years, I am now - officially - a pharmaceutical industry drop-out.

I was grateful that I was able to be a stay-at-home Mom for the next few years. I loved every minute of it. During those years I read a lot about the toxic chemical additives in everyday products and the more I learned, the more determined I became to eliminate them from my family’s life. Knowing that toxic chemical additives Might be at the root of my then toddler daughter’s skin problems, I knew what my next step needed to be. I had to put my actions where my heart was. I had to help my daughter. Since I couldn't find a company that sold chemical free personal care products I founded one that did. I ran that company until I sold it in September of 2008.

I was honored to be named as one of Time Magazine’s Mompreneurs (moms who start companies based on the needs of their children) in 2005, and to be the focus in an article in Investor’s Business Daily shortly thereafter followed by Woman’s World Magazine, and The Arizona Republic Newspaper . I was also invited to appear on various TV shows in Phoenix including Sonoran Living, Good Morning Arizona, Arizona Midday Show and the Early Morning Show.

Next, I started the "Chemical Free Living" radio show to talk not only about how to get synthetic chemicals out of our lives but also all aspects of natural healing. I wanted to give environmental medicine and alternative medicine doctors a forum to educate people about non-pharmaceutical alternatives for almost every illness. I wanted listeners to become aware that there are as many ways to heal as there are people on Earth – each person must find the one that works for them. Please join me by listening and calling in to Chemical Free Living every Monday from 11:00 AM until Noon Pacific Time and learn to get the chemicals out of your life and live Healthy!


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