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Better Breathing As Easy As LSD



Last week I gave a talk about better breathing at my friend’s chiropractic office. He runs a comprehensive wellness center along with his chiropractic practice and had asked me to share some of the things I had been telling him about how breathing can impact your health, performance and mindset.   And while I was excited to do it I was also a bit nervous because it had been a couple of months since I had stood in front of a bunch of people and talked about the impact of better breathing. I knew the material but I had to check my notes bunch and I didn’t feel like the material flowed.   So I decided to practice my presentation on FaceBook Live from the MTB Strength Training Systems page. I’ve always enjoyed the chance to share stuff with people who may tune in live and so it seemed like a good way to practice my presentation while also sharing some great info with my fellow riders.   In this webinar I explained how your breathing can impact you both positively and negatively. I also shared some ways you