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How Encouraging Ambition Transforms Employees From Ordinary to Extraordinary



AMBITIONSome employees have it. Some employees don’t. While some managers fear ambitious employees, today’s guest Cheryl Johnson literally wrote the book on it and says your employee’s ambition is really the key to your business success and she explains how you can harness it. What You’ll Discover About Ambition (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why ambition is often missing in employees [01:05] * How organizations dampen employee ambition and trust [05:00] * How fear of failure crushes ambition [09:26] * How to encourage employee ambition and initiative [09:19] * The pivotal connection between ambition and confidence [11:12] * How better on-boarding and managing expectations builds confidence, initiative, ambition and trust [18:48] * How businesses can hire for good, not ruthless, ambition [21:58] * The single most important thing managers need to know about ambition [25:03] * And much M