Alaska Tracy Podcast

#71 ~ Vision + Belief + Action = Success



Wrapping up 2021 by bringing you tips and tools for hope in the upcoming year or wherever you may be today. 23 years ago an opportunity opened for me to begin living a life beyond my wildest dreams. Today, I get to share these practices with hundreds of business owners and individuals looking to transform and grow. This is the absolute highlight of my life! The tricky part is consistency.  See if you're anything like me your mind will start to tell you that you're doing great and you can step away from the practices that have helped you to feel and live a great life. Especially when the going gets good. It is the consistent practice of meditation, prayer, focusing on what you want and what you believe in that will continue to enrich, enhance, heal, and transform your life.  Can you relate to catching yourself looking for the quick fix? For whatever you are wanting to accomplish? It creeps up slowly for me.  I start to think that I don't need to do certain things to grow my business ie; network. Or I don't