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How to Reliably Improve Workplace Productivity with Proven Strategies



Improve Workplace ProductivityLooking to improve your workplace productivity? Tried investing in technology and getting minimal return on your investment? Tim Ringo offers a unique perspective on how engaged employees harness smart technology and transform the workplace and how you can use those strategies to improve workplace productivity in your business. What You’ll Discover About How to Improve Workplace Productivity (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What workplace productivity problems need improving [01:21] * Conquering technology overwhelm to improve workplace productivity [02:48] * Improving workplace productivity with human-centric technology [04:44] * What makes technology human-centric [05:23] * How to get employee buy-in to improve workplace productivity [07:43] * How Main Street businesses can improve workplace productivity [10:01] * The leadership mindset shift necessary to improve wor