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Simple Ways to Remarkably Reduce Racial Bias in the Workplace



Racial Bias in the WorkplaceRacial bias in the workplace is an open secret to those who experience it and a symptom of willful blindness to those who inflict it. It’s a serious problems. Today’s guest, Daralyse Lyons is an activist who works tirelessly to shine a spotlinght on these issues and offer solutions on how to start fixing it. What You’ll Discover About Racial Bias in the Workplace (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What most people fail to grasp about diversity [01:45] * How to calm fears about diversity in the workplace [05:23] * What it means to “do the work in a meaningful way” [08:59] * How experiencing racial bias in the workplace is multilayered [11:23] * Proactive steps employees can take to reduce racial bias in the workplace [13:05] * Proactive steps employers can take to reduce racial bias in the workplace [14:37] * The role of microaggressions in contributing to racial bias in t