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How to Avoid Missed Sales Opportunities by Zeroing in on Changes in Buyer Behavior



Missed Sales OpportunitiesCould you be ignoring changes in buyer behavior and accidently creating missed sales opportunities? What if you could capture those missed sales opportunities that are hiding in plain view? Today’s special guest, Liz Harr, co-author of Inside the Buyer’s Brain offers some tips on how to do exactly that. What You’ll Discover About Missed Sales Opportunities (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why identifying missed sales opportunities requires getting inside the buyer’s brain [01:12] * Common missed sales opportunities signals [03:10] * The top overlooked buyer criteria that results in missed sales opportunities [05:40] * How understanding the stages of the buyer’s journey helps avoid missed sales opportunities [07:30] * Two important research finds on how buyer behavior has changed [11:01] * How to prove your expertise and side-step missed sales opportunities [14:53] * And m