Alaska Tracy Podcast

#68 ~ Manifest Your Desires



Some people hear the words, manifest your desires, and think of waving a magic wand and getting whatever it is you desire.  I used to question why sitting around thinking about things or willing them to happen never worked. I would think, think, think and do nothing and wonder why other's seemed to be reaching or exceeding their dreams and mine didn't seem to be coming true.  Some people may have that gift of manifesting like described however, this is not my experience. My experience with manifesting is it takes a whole lot of faith, work, desire, and letting go! Manifesting can take days, months, years of commitment, and practice. Manifesting isn't for the super-powered! It is for people with a strong desire to do the work necessary to achieve their goals and dreams. It can take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears along the way! It can also be the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced! This episode is about a recent manifestation in my life that has come to fruition.  Disclaimer; it didn't happen