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#397: {Live Workshop} Stop Living Scared, & Start Living Fully With Bevin Farrand



How One Woman Turned Her Personal Tragedy Into A Digital Course With A Mission For Good My student, Bevin Farrand, is setting us ALL straight when it comes to the trips we’re not taking… ...the risks we’ve been avoiding... ...and the life we’re not living.  You see, after unexpectedly losing her husband and the love of her life, Bevin decided it was time to stop living on the sidelines of her life.  And she used her own life experience to create a framework that helps hundreds of others exit the sidelines, get in life’s game, and do the damn thing -- whatever that “damn thing” is to them. Which is how Bevin’s course, Take The Damn Trip, was born.  (How AMAZING is that course name, by the way?) In this episode, Bevin is hosting a LIVE workshop for you -- my OMME listener -- that will help you discover your “why”, your “yes”, and how to start living boldly.  She’ll also be sharing how she came up with her course idea and what she tweaked to make her same course convert at an even higher rate. This is one of tho