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Why Improving Franchise Growth is the Easiest Way to Unlock More Wealth



Improving Franchise GrowthIf you want to know how to become a thriving franchise superstar by improving franchise growth you’re in the right place because my next guest, Scott Greenberg, literally wrote the book on the subject. Scott is the author of (The Wealthy Franchisee) and he’s here to share some ways for improving franchise growth to help you unlock more wealth and financial security for you, your family and your employees. What You’ll Discover About Improving Franchise Growth (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The mindset needed to improve franchise growth [01:19] * Why more respect for hourly workers is necessary for improving franchise growth [03:52] * How to help employees grow vs. merely directing their work [06:59] * Improving franchise growth and the irony of customer service [08:38] * Mind traps that keep you from improving franchise gr