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How To BUILD INFLUENCE & Understand The Psychology of Persuasion w/ Robert Cialdini, PH.D EP 1164



My guest today is Robert Cialdini, PH.D. He’s an award-winning behavioral scientist who is known as the foundational expert in the science of influence and how to apply it ethically in business and elsewhere, and his Principles of Persuasion have become the cornerstone for any organization serious about increasing their effectiveness in sales, leadership, marketing, management and communication. He is a three-time New York Times bestselling author, with more than 5 million copies sold throughout the world. He’s back with a new expanded version of his best-selling book INFLUENCE, The Psychology of Persuasion. This book was critical in my self development journey over the last decade and so I’m very excited to have spoken with Robert.In this episode we discuss the 7 principles of persuasion and how they can build influence in your life and business, real life studies that showcase the power of these principles of persuasion, how changing the way you speak even slightly can make a drastic difference, the biggest