Alaska Tracy Podcast

#1 Finding Your Purpose & Alaska Tracy's Intro



Where do you begin? So, you have a fantastic idea for a business.  You are over the moon about it and start telling everyone about it, announcing it on Social Media, reserving the URL, creating a Facebook Page...the whole works.  Then a week later, you have a different idea, a different direction you want to go.  So… you start chasing that dream.   Maybe this happens a few times.   Guess what?  You are not alone.  Many people do this over and over until they find their true purpose… what actually will excite them for the long haul. Throughout the years, I have asked people if they know their life mission.  I have received an array of answers.  When I ask specifically if they are fulfilling their mission by doing what they love career-wise, I get one of two answers:  “yes” or “no”.    The “no” people tell me they work so they can fulfill their passion in life.  Their work provides them with the income necessary to live those passions out, where it be opportunities to travel, drive a Harley, buy the home o