Alaska Tracy Podcast

#4 Finding Your Purpose Part 3 with David Jensen



Episode #4: Finding Your Purpose with David Jensen   I am honored to have David Jensen of Alaska Pet-ography as my guest this week. Snafu - This was supposed to be Episode #3.  I hit a tech snag - so it is Episode #4. Remember to read to the end to be sure to claim your Free Gift of the week! David is a lifelong Alaskan who specializes in portraits of animal companions and their people. In 1989, he and his wife, Carol, created Alaska Pet-ography, which brought his specialty to life.  David has published two books: “It’s Important To Pause” and “When Age Has No Leash”  and will have two more books coming out later this year. David was kind enough to share his purpose and how it has inspired him in business and in life. I have known David for 15 plus years and knew bits and pieces of his story but had never heard his purpose.  His story has an impact that can move you to tears and is an example of how following your purpose can lead to a full, rich life! His purpose is to give back, and this generosity has