Alaska Tracy Podcast

#7 The Gift of Inspiration with Author Roy Huff



Welcome to Episode #7! There are statistics that say when starting a podcast, most don’t make it past Episode #7, so I am over the moon to be here, and I appreciate you listening! Stay tuned for Episode #8! Quick reminder, read to the end of these show notes to claim your free weekly gift. In Episode #5, I talked about growing your business and life using Twitter. If you missed that, you may want to listen after you finish this one. The reason I mention that is because Roy Huff contacted me via Twitter regarding a possibility of being on my podcast. Roy typed in key phrases and words to find people that are podcasting and blogging. He gets how to use social media to influence his business, life and help countless people along the way! In less than one week of connecting with Roy, he has introduced me to more than 1,000 new Twitter followers! Feel free to connect with Roy on Twitter at @EvervilleFans tell him Alaska Tracy sent you! So, this week, I had the privilege of interviewing Roy Huff. He is a researc