Alaska Tracy Podcast

Episode 12 Fear Holding you back?



Listen to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy, featuring special guest Jeanette Gardiner with Seastar Strategies.  I was a little stuck in fear when Jeanette started following me on Facebook and commenting on my business posts.  Why? Because we have very similar consulting businesses.   I have not had the best luck with other consultants or marketing companies in my community, and I was basing my contempt prior to investigation on this.  I went into “lack of abundance” mode.  What that looks like for me is fear of the unknown and mostly that someone else may get something that I think I deserve. Oh, that fear can be crippling.  Can you relate? It was several months before I allowed the fear to move on through me and started paying attention to Jeanette.  It was then that I learned why the universe wanted us to connect.  I don’t believe in coincidences and realized how many non-coincidences we have in common.  The first and most important connection is our love for our dogs and for pups living with, and