Alaska Tracy Podcast

Episode #36 - Surrendering All Fears



The Holidays can be oh so very stressful for many of us! Stress can keep us stuck, depressed, feeling hopeless and out of control.  It is an icky place to be, take it from me! I wanted to share with you how I walked through FEAR of the recent Earthquake in Alaska.  Mother Nature is beyond our control as well as many of life's uncertainties. We can control how we react to situations and life's obstacles. We can control what we are focusing on. Life will happen and we get to choose how we will react and how we will treat others. One of the tools I use is meditation.  Meditation is a way of creating a 'pause' in all my reactions. New or unclear how to start a meditation practice? Check out Episode #21 Vision Reboot where I guide you through a short meditation.  I also have practiced guided meditation with Tara Brach for years. She has helped me when flying and hitting turbulence in the air and on the ground! She offers a Facebook Live Guided meditation weekly too.   Remember to subscribe to catch the latest A