Alaska Tracy Podcast

#46 ~ Structure Equals Freedom with Helen McGlynn



What an honor to interview Helen McGlynn and to discuss the topic of structure. Helen is the owner of The Baby and Newborn Photography Network She is also a Mom, Foster Mom, and has been a business owner since graduating from college.  You will want to hear her stories of business ownership in this wonderful episode! In adding structure to all that she does, Helen lives a full rich life and offers FREE tools to help all of us to grow and succeed.  Each month in my Visions to Profits Women’s Membership I offer the Membership Community a theme and then focus the tools around that theme.  This month’s theme is Structure.  Adding structure into business and life can provide inner freedom and even more time to do the things we love.  As I was working on the monthly content for the membership and shoulding myself about giving the community more and shoulding about letting my podcast sit idle for 3 months, it occurred to me to add structure into the mix.  I immediately reached out to a group of 2000 business leade