Alaska Tracy Podcast

#51 ~ A Charging Moose Opens the Doorway to Surrender



Fear can actually propel us to live a life beyond our wildest dreams if we are willing to embrace the fear.  This episode is all about one of the most fearful events that happened to me five months ago.  This event terrified me and evoked tons of health issues.  I felt like I was dying as I had never experienced anxiety in my life.  I did not even believe in anxiety before this happened. First, I share about creating a structure with this Podcast and I invite you to listen in to some other episodes to hear guests share wonderful tips and tools to help calm your soul. These guests appeared because of this experience I had. They are a gift. After many many tests, blood work, doctors, and other modalities to 'fix' myself, I found help. With this help has come new freedom and happiness.  The biggest aha was all the fear that was bottled up inside of my soul.  Finding freedom from this fear has been an incredible journey and a gift from God. My experience has been that pain often has to be so bad in order for m