Alaska Tracy Podcast

#52 ~ Improve Your Health through Acupuncture with Brian Yelverton



Interactive Health Alaska has been helping to heal me off and on for years! I first went to see (owner) Chiropractor Leslie Morris for a knee injury. Leslie and Weston Hopkins (licensed Chiropractor) helped to relieve the pain and allow me to hike in the mountains again.  The technique they use, Active Release Technique is best described (by me) as a sort of deep tissue work. Acupuncturist, Brian Yelverton has been helping me to walk through some anxiety issues. This is my first time doing acupuncture and now I am a firm believer in it! In the previous Podcast Episode, #51 I share my terrifying experience and walk through anxiety. It is within this process of overcoming the anxiety that I started working with Brian. Brian shares his story of how he became an acupuncturist to heal an injury he had and how he helps people to live their best lives.  Brian shares a few tools that may help you if you are struggling with pain in your mind and or body.  When I asked Brian to define success, he said, "success is a