Alaska Tracy Podcast

#54 ~ Whispers of Love with Linda Roberts



Linda Roberts is a lifelong animal lover, and passionate about all animal's emotional and physical well-being. Linda was a school teacher with three degrees when life's obstacles challenged her to tap into her heart. She was moved to connect to power outside of herself through meditation. She self-taught herself how to meditate and was guided to Shamanism, Reiki, and Animal Communication. Linda's successful journey began 11 years ago when healing her own health and spiritual issues. Linda learned to heal by opening up her throat and heart chakras. This was life-changing.  Linda teaches healing powers through meditation and Reiki and uses these healing practices on animals as well.  Linda was reluctant to tap into her animal communication abilities until she had no other choice. Linda's horse, Howie helped her focus on this natural ability, called, animal communication.  How?  Well, he had digestive issues, referred to as colic. Colic can be life-threatening to horses so Linda wanted to make him feel better.