Alaska Tracy Podcast

#67 ~ Change Your Handwriting Heal Your Life with Misty Cogdill



In this Alaska Tracy Podcast episode, I sit down with Misty Cogdill who is the founder and CEO of the Handwriting Soul Academy. As the number 1 best-selling author of the book “You Can Heal Your Life with Handwriting”, Misty has been studying the benefits of handwriting for over a decade. Misty works with business owners, network marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and service professionals, or anyone who wants to increase their business and reach their goals. Using hypnosis through handwriting and the power of questions, Misty is able to extract her client’s full potential. Prior to getting married, Misty had always wanted to teach others the importance of handwriting and help them change their handwriting techniques. Her mother had always wanted to change her handwriting, even when Misty was a little girl. Misty noticed this desire and began questioning the significance of handwriting and became fascinated with the relationship between handwriting and what it tells us about one’s inner self. Mis