Do People Misunderstand You? When you're trying to communicate but they're still not getting it, listen to "Feeling Misunderstood" The sister episode to this one is Episode 345 People Can Be Wrong About You Looking for ad free versions? Go to   TODAY’S SPONSOR Hello Fresh is America's #1 meal kit delivery service.  Get easy, seasonal recipes and pre-measured ingredients delivered right to your door. HelloFresh is not only the first carbon-neutral meal kit, but they help you reduce your food waste with their pre-portioned ingredients! Use Hello Fresh Promo Code AFFIRMATION14 to get up to 14 free meals, including free shipping!   WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 173 What Others Think of Me Episode 142 Jealousy, Envy and Insecurity Episode 101 I Approve of Myself Episode 62 Guided Affirmation - I am Significant     REVIEWS