Tony Begley On Lance Reventlow's 1962 Shelby Cobra



Adam and Matt kick off talking about Matt's experience with the new Lexus and how much he disliked the laptop-esque trackpad. The two share their ergonomic frustrations with all the new cars moving further away from manual controls. Next Tony Begley joins the show to talk about the history behind his 1962 Lance Reventlow-Shelby Cobra. Lastly, Adam and Matt play the hypothetical stop light game before ending the show with a little Ford Raptor Gen 3 talk. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: GEICO: Visit DODGE: Visit or go see your local Dodge dealer today MEGUIARS: Visit EMPIRE COVERS: Visit Empire Covers .com PLUTO TV: Download the free Pluto TV app on any device JB WELD: Visit AIR MED CARE: Visit today SLEEPER APP: Download the free Sleeper App on any device