Neon Nerds Podcast

Neon Nerds, Issue 19(99): When Nerds Cry



Now live, Episode 19(99) of the Neon Nerds ‪‎Podcast‬: When Nerds Cry! During the planned recording of the episode, the Nerds wanted to do some Captain America: Civil War prep with the watching of the 1990 Captain America film, when news broke of the passing of the legendary artist, Prince. So what started out as Captain America, turned into a podcast filled with memories and singing as the Nerds recount their favorite Prince Rogers Nelson songs like Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Cream, Batdance, Partyman, and just how his influence forever changed the way we see The Joker and the 1989 Batman film. So with a podcast that includes an Italian Red Skull, Rubber Ears, J. D. Salinger's son, and copyright infringement of Duran Duran, be prepared to laugh, to cry, to sing, and to Party like it's 1999. RIP Prince 1958-2016.