Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

8: Wax on, Wax off



Ben Orenstein is joined by Gabe Berke-Williams and Edward Loveall. Gabe is developer at thoughtbot and the product manager of the thoughtbot apprenticeship program, Edward is a current design apprentice. Gabe, Edward, and Ben talk about, how it works, it's successes, and lessons learned. They also discuss how Gabe goes about mentoring new developers, and effective learning and teaching methods. Edward also gives his perspective on his apprenticeship how it went, his typical day as an apprentice, his advice for incoming apprentices, and much more. Apprenticship Patterns The Pickaxe Red-Black Trees The Rise of The Software Apprenticeship Academy (BostInno) Lessons Learned From Our Development/Designer Apprenticeship Program (BostInno) "Gang of Four" Design Patterns Intrepid Labs Take the Interview Follow @thoughtbot, @r00k, @gabebw and @edwardloveall on twitter.