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Its About Aviatrix Time January 19th, 2014



Al and Marc have talked to a lot of people who are focused on following their passion and making a positive impact in General Aviation.  Tonight's guest is connected in diverse and new ways.  Abingdon Welch heads up The Abingdon Company (, a company focused on providing fashionable and functional watches for women pilots.  Beyond meeting this previously unmet need, Abingdon is focused in increasing the female pilot population through scholarships and advocacy.  She is also an accomplished CFI (she was highlighted as one of Ariel Tweto's instructors on the show, "Flying Wild Alaska"), and also ferries aircraft around the globe.  Listen in as Al and Marc officially anoint Abingdon a true aviatrix.The crew also talks to and congrautlates one of their loyal listeners, who had his first private pilot candidate pass his check ride.  Other discussions include the new CACI rules, which empowers AME's to authorize medicals that previously required a Special Issuance.  Finally, "The Case of the