Simpleflight Radio

Aviation Universe March 23rd, 2014



Live From The Center of the Aviation Universe           No other radio show can make the claim that they broadcasted from the center of the aviation universe.  Yet, that's exactly what SimpleFlight Aviation Radio did with their on-location radio show at..... you guessed it.... Aviation Universe Pilot Shop in Bensenville, IL!  We were pleased to find a packed house of over 20 visitors who came by to enjoy the show and Pizza.  Now that's the way to spend Sunday night.    Many of you remember the special trips to the pilot shop, which meant plenty of "window" shopping and great conversations with those around you.  The Internet has served to take that piece of the community away, but Lora Yowell and Richard Wells have shown the value of the pilot shop by being home to all aviation enthusiasts, including pilots, plane-spotters, and anyone that looks to the sky with dreams in their hearts.  Lora and Richard talked of the community of loyal customers that are part of the Aviation Universe family, and how it has dev