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Changing The Airplane Accessibility Game April 13th, 2014



When Rod Rakic of OpenAirplane ( showed the world that aviation insurance companies were willing to accept a new paradigm in renting general aviation aircraft to pilots around the country, it was hailed as a great step forward for G.A.  With his recent announcement of making those same aircraft available from individual owners, the industry once again applauds Rod on accelerating the momentum of GA's recovery.  Listen to Al and Marc as they learn about the "Collaborative Aircraft Rental" and what it means to owners, pilots, and General Aviation.   OpenAirplane is one of many exciting innovators in aviation.  But what's it like for a legacy company trying to join the entrepreneurial force that makes up so much of today's headlines.  Is it culture, new technologies, or even new twists on old technologies which determines the fate of these investments?  And with new technologies, are they cool fads, or do they contribute to aviation safety.  Listen in and then let us know what you think.   Curre