Simpleflight Radio

An Electrifying Career, Wayne Temple, May 24, 2020 (S8E17)



There are a lot of paths to a job in aviation.  Some are unconventional.  And sometimes the job itself is unconventional.  Welcome to this week's episode of SimpleFlight radio.  Join us as Marc and Brandon spend time with Wayne Temple, a Helicopter Line Pilot and COO of Wake Aviation (  His story about how he became the only active Journeyman Lineman/Wire pilot in the country is interesting by itself.  But to learn about what the job entails and what a day in the life is like, is compelling.    You might assume that a job flying helicopters carrying people and equipment that hang below the aircraft, while operating within feet of structures and high power lines is not a career that elicits comfort for most people.  Yet, you'll hear Wayne talk about how he essentially earned his license on the job and has accumulated 9,000 hours doing what he loves.  Of note is the fact that he has zero time flying fixed wing aircraft.  This is someone that found his dream job at an early age.  It's a great s