Simpleflight Radio

Plane Ownership - Part 2, Edward Forman, September 6, 2020 (S9E2)



As a follow up to our last episode, the SimpleFlight crew reached out to Edward Forman, a pilot that embarked on a mission to find a plane and some partners to help him build proficiency and get more utility out of general aviation.  The big questions revolved around number of partners, type of partners, how much to spend, and what make and model of plane would best meet the mission.     While each purchase process stands on its own, the conversation with Edward highlights key factors that have to be considered, including the equipment, where to source the plane, where to hangar the plane, finding a maintenance shop, and discovering that a 9 year old plane won't be perfect.  If an unfamiliar model is purchased, the transition to a different platform also needs to be considered. All in all, Brandon and Marc touched on a lot of aspects of the plane purchase and ownership process.  But we're sure there are other perspectives.  And we'd like to hear yours.   As always, please share your views with the rest of the