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Aviation Dreams Can Still Happen. June 6,2021 (S9E10)



Once bitten by the Aviation "Bug", pilots dream about flying experiences to come.  It may be a particular mission or a specific make and model of aircraft that the pilot wants to fly.  Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. As a pilot gets a cadence going and becomes comfortable with their aviation life, a sense of contentment leads to a mental happy place and a zen-like experience.  Interestingly, new aviation experiences add to that feeling, but always seem centered on the same foundation of a love of aviation.  But then, when you least expect it, a new experience can come along that shatters the calm and replaces it with a high energy realization that there is more to achieve and now is the time to do something about it. That's what happened to Marc after getting a chance to sit up front in a M-600 with a flying buddy.  Marc has flown other "next level" aircraft, but for some reason, this time resulted in a life changing moment.  The feeling, the sound, the decisions, the experience felt like a new world th