Sarah Uncensored

#009- Sterlin Luxan, MDMA, Anarchy & Getting Kidnapped by the Government



Sterlin Luxan, from shares his life changing experience with MDMA and how it set his path for sharing anarchy, compassion and love. He was also the victim of a what could be considered a “no knock” raid; hear him share the crazy story of how he was held by our government at gunpoint. He also gives us tips for how to move forward with anarchy in our left/right society by undermining the legitimacy of the state and spreading the message of compassion and love. Sterlin's website is where his mission is to: Coordinate a group effort for the synthesis of voluntaryism, neuroscience, and psychology. Maintain and promote unrestricted and unapologetic sovereignty. Create a thriving community of emotionally savvy, relationship oriented anarchists. Find Sterlin online: YouTube: Facebook: Steemit: http