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Melanie and Dalton Tarver: A Guide to Cool Hobbies



At long last, Melanie and Dalton get their turn on the podcast. If you saw their Style Story, then you know that in addition to their day jobs as commercial photographer and still life stylist, they enjoy a delightful variety of hobbies. Vegetable gardening, beer home brewing, group running and bath salt mixing. It's all on the table, my friends. This is officially your Summer guide to having a cool hobby, courtesy of the Tarvers.   Listen below or on your smart phone in iTunes to hear our conversation.   Podcast reference links: J. Hilburn Neiman Marcus Fossil Allison Vieger Laura Busby's Style Story IA Agency DoTerra essential oils Silicon Valley Brew Dogs Brew Masters A Cup of Jo Thrasher Magazine Xeriscaping     Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things and you can help it grow more! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review.