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Art + Motherhood + a Simplified Wardrobe with Jane Cheek



Jane Cheek is a mother of many talents. She is an artist and teacher by trade, a mother to three (now) and a crafty home decorator to boot. You saw her lively home in last week's Style Story, right? In today's podcast episode, I sit down with Jane in her Dallas studio and discuss just she how manages it all... family, kiddos, studio time and homemaking. To my surprise, Jane has gone to some unusual ends to simplify parts of her life. At the end of our conversation, she describes a new approach to simplifing her morning routine by eliminating all color from her wardrobe. Yes, I know... sounds crazy! But I think she might be onto something. (And you know that means a lot, coming from me.)  Podcast reference links: Batik Resist painting technique   Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things and you can help it grow more! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review.