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Style Questions... No. 1



Today's post has been a looong time coming. Since it's inception, the podcast has always played second fiddle to the blog for a variety of reasons but primarily because audio is not my area of expertise. But now that I've established a fairly solid rhythm on the blog, I'm finally ready to step up my game on the podcast. And today is the day! As part of my improvement of the podcast, I asked for your style questions and today I'm answering the first few of them. Below, you'll find the four questions I answered in the show and the links I referenced in response to each question. As an added bonus, you can find me on the Style Matters podcast today. Karen June and Zandra interviewed for what is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows all about style.   Question #1: Do my shoes and purse have to match? My shoes and belt too? REFERENCE - My Pinterest board on "Fashion".   Question #2: How do you make nursery decor grown-up-friendly for a master bedroom/nursery combo? REFERENCE - Reading My Tea Leaves Mother Mag