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Collaboration + Creative Process with Jayme Ditto and Allie Hill



Jayme and Allie are co-owners of Yeti and the Beast and housemates in the coolest arts and crafts home (did you see their Style Story?). They blew me away with their insights when we sat down to record today's podcast. To summarize, we touched on business partnerships and how to make the most of them, honesty and flexibility in regards to your work, the creative process, #anthrowindows, stress as a type of creative rut (and how to work your way out of it), inspiration and why you shouldn't be looking to fellow creatives in your industry, "kid temp" and oh so much more!    Here are a few quotes from our chat: On style... Jayme, "I don't feel the same everyday so I don't dress the same and I don't style the same everyday." Allie, "I'm not a 'set' person. I don't think I have two things that match!"   On creative work... Allie, "Coming from design school, we've learned not to fall in love with our own work... It's better to be flexible and open to suggestions." Jayme, "There's always a chance for things to be ma