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Mentorship & the Freelance Life with Arianna Jones



There was never a question that Arianna Jones would have a creative career. Artistry and entrepreneurship were in her bones and she knew from early on that she was meant to live a certain kind of artist's life. The question was more nuanced... How was she going to live that life. What would it look like, feel like... How would it come together, grow and operate on a daily basis. These aren't questions a person can necessarily answer on their own and, lucky for Ari, she didn't have to. Her journey has included some powerfully inspiring mentors along the way. In today's episode, I talk with Ari about just that - her creative journey from high school crafts to a college fashion degree and now freelance styling career and Owynn bag line. Additionally, Ari shares her reasoning for keeping a capsule wardrobe and a simplistic approach to fashion.   Show Notes: Owynn History of the "capsule wardrobe" What is a "capsule wardrobe"? (from my favorite capsule blogger) Madewell Lou & Grey Aritzia American Apparel @l