Our Style Stories

Lessons + a Poem for 2017



When I look back on 2016, a lot has happened. Much has baffled and disappointed me. But I've learned a lot and met some fantastic people along the way. Today's podcast is a review of this past year's Style Stories and the lessons that I learned from each.   #1 Prolific creativity is often the result of a youthful spirit.   from Kelly Christine Sutton Sidenote on Kelly... This past year, she and her husband took what I'm now going to call a "leap of youthfulness" and purged the majority of their belongings in order to downsize into a mobile tiny house. It's pretty cool and definitely in line with this first Style Story lesson. Get the full scoop HERE. Read Kelly's Style Story. Listen to Kelly's podcast episode.     #2 Powerful impact starts in our own backyard.    from Carly Burson Carly's company Tribe Alive, offers sustainable economic options for women in poverty in developing countries. Read Carly's Style Story. Listen to Carly's podcast episode.   #3 Do the work. Trust the path. The dots will connect even