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Minimalism + Self-Discovery with Jamie Lyons



If you were looking for a reason to tidy up in the new year, this. is. it... The stunningly edited home and wardrobe of Jamie Lyons. If you haven't seen her Style Story from last week, stop what you're doing. Right now. And go check it out! Seriously. I'm questioning all of my previously held beliefs about my proficiency to ward off clutter. In the wake of my visit with Jamie, I am clear on one thing... I am a total amateur. But today you'll get the full scoop from Jamie herself. In our conversation for the podcast, she and I dive deep into topics such as why she's chosen a minimalist lifestyle, how she achieves such a clean aesthetic, where she shops, and what she believes makes a successful fashion stylist and styling assistant.    Jamie describes her style as minimalist, mono-chromatic and elegant.       SHOW NOTES: Melanie Tarver's Style Story Seaminx Artist Management Agency Gaston Made Flea Style "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo Set & Co. Jamie's Instagram, @theanticolor