Better System Trader

002: Brent Penfold discusses trading principles, money management, risk of ruin and how to overcome greed, hope and fear in trading



In this episode with Brent Penfold we cover fundamental topics that impacts traders of all levels, from beginner to advanced. We talk about some of the psychological issues traders face, the principles all traders need to accept to be successful, that elusive Holy Grail of trading and an extremely important mathematical concept that can identify if you’re going to blow up your account, so don’t miss that. The guest also provides actionable tips and tricks to overcome these issues along with a simple method to determine if a strategy is broken, which could save you lots of money and stress. Topics discussed: How to trades 24 markets actively and be finished by 9:30am The simple reason why most traders fail The principles all traders need to accept to be successful The one mathematical measure that can tell if you'll blow up your account - don't miss this! The Holy Grail The most important aspect of trading How to remove hope from your trading How to combat greed The impact fear can have on your trading and a