Better System Trader

005: Kevin Davey discusses important aspects of system development, the best systems to use, the correct backtesting process and how to be a successful trader



Kevin Davey talks about how we went about winning the trading competition, the type of systems you want for the future, some very important aspects of system development that will cost you money if you ignore them, what you need to do before you start trading a strategy and what skills you need to be a good system developer. He offers some really valuable insights and provides an excellent process to system development so you do not want to miss it. Topics discussed:   Why goals and objectives are so important in trading How to use "the monkey test" to validate entries and exits Which type of systems adapt better to future conditions Why walk forward testing is so important and when you shouldn't use it How often should you re-optimise your systems Why ignoring Monte Carlo testing can cost you money Why you shouldn't start trading a strategy immediately after you've finished testing it How to eliminate bad systems before risking your money on them Adding or removing systems from your portfolio Why you need t