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154 ~ No Dominion Film ~ Magaret Mullin and Nel Shelby



This episode features two of my previous guests Nel Shelby and Margaret Mullin who are working together on a very special project; a full length documentary called "No Dominion", a film Celebrating the life of the late Ian Horvath, champion for the art of dance and AIDS awareness.  The film is the brain child and passion project of Margaret Mullin who is a soloist with Pacific Northwest Ballet.  As you will learn in this interview, this has been in Margaret's thoughts since she first saw Ian's work when she was in the 7th grade.   As Margaret's vision began to take shape into reality, it was suggested she reach out the acclaimed film maker, Nel Shelby.  Together they are creating something amazing.  Together they are sharing with the world a beautiful story and showing that a vision and dream can become a reality when hard work is coupled with a good purpose. If you would like to contribute to this film, please click on the link below.  Contribute here: Make a donation here. No Dominion Film