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163 ~ Ask Megan! How to feel more confident when auditions are not going well.



On each episode Megan answers YOUR questions each and every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today’s question come from: CRUSHED who wrote in saying "Hi Megan, I am 17 years old and in the middle of Summer Intensive Auditions. Each year since I was 13 years old I have gotten into some very reputable programs (including SAB) and have always received at least one full scholarship.  This year not only have I not received ANY scholarship but I have not really received many acceptances.  I am SO upset because I work so hard and now I feel this Th is the ballet world telling me I am not good enough after all.  Do you have an opinion on what might be happening and how I can feel more confident."  Signed, Crushed.   Megan provides some solid and straightforward advice - you almost feel as if you took one of her classes! Find Megan Fairchild ~  website/Twitter/Instagram Do you have a question about Ballet? YOU can be a part of the show by sending us your questions by clicking HERE:   Twitter/In