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356 Affirmations for Good Dreams



Need a Good Sleep? Bring on good dreams and a great sleep with these "Affirmations for Good Dreams" The sister episode to this one is Episode 220 After Bad Dreams and Nightmares Want ad free versions? Go to SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT Framebridge makes it super easy and affordable to frame your favorite things, from art prints and posters to the travel photos sitting on your phone.  All US shipping is free and select gifts ship next-day! Save an additional 15% OFF your first order with Framebridge promo code AFFIRMATION at   WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 344 Releasing Worry and Falling Asleep Episode 246 Progressive Relaxation for a Better Sleep Episode 109 Affirmations for a Good Night’s Sleep Episode 108 Progressive Relaxation for a Great Night’s Sleep Episode 10 Good Night My Body!   LOOK WHO LOVES AFFIRMATION POD!!