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357 Learning to Socialize Again



Nervous About Socializing Again? If you need to mentally prepare after so much isolation and social distancing, listen to these "Affirmations for Learning to Socialize Again" The sister episode to this one is Episode 152 Social Confidence Looking for ad free versions? Go to   SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT If you're feeling something's not right, Plushcare's physicians provide virtual primary care and mental health treatment on your phone or computer.  You can book a same-day appointment any day of the week. Start your FREE 30-day trial at     WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 333 Confidence in Yourself Episode 233 The Confidence Mindset Episode 217 Releasing Imposter Syndrome Episode 206 Moving from Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Episode 55 Confidence Booster   LISTENER LOVE ❤️ "Wonderful thoughts from one of the best podcasts for finding a positive thoughtful frame of mind. Josie you are so wonderful! We are lucky to have you in this world." - Ervynn Tyler McFall