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333 Advocating For Yourself To Live Your Best Life with Ms. Danielle



Let’s bring some positivity and love into the world! We love a transformation story and today’s guest, Ms. Danielle aka Dani Star talks about her transformation of removing negativity from her life and becoming the light she is today. She has spent the last decade stripping away all the things she has learned growing up that no longer serves her, peeling away those layers of judgement towards others and really understanding projection only comes from within. Buckle up for some truth you may not be ready to hear and learn how to choose hard and always choose love. Discussions on today’s show:How Danielle unlearned toxic traits she grew up with to become positive in lifeCelebrating loss of a relationship and divorce instead of mourning it Turning off the outward chatter from others to make decisions for yourself Working as a black woman in a mostly white male dominated industry and deciding to leave being the best thing she ever did for herselfSurviving postpartum depression and going through the