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How to Successfully Drive the Strategy Execution Process



Strategy Execution ProcessA business strategy execution process looks easy on paper, but when you start to follow your plan and put it all into action, stuff happens, hiccups happen, and you don’t always get the results you’d like to get. Today’s guest, Sean Ryan, can help us zero in on how to smooth those speed bumps. He’s an expert in helping organizations get to where they want to go. And he’ll explain how you can drive strategy to get results without taking unnecessary detours. What You’ll Discover About the Strategy Execution Process:* 7 areas that impact that the strategy execution process [02:31] * Where the strategy execution process often goes wrong [04:55] * The problem with activity-based versus results-oriented goals [07:13] * The critical importance of follow-up and follow-through to the strategy execution process [11:44] * How the “Marshmallow Layer” can derail the strategy execution process [19:35] * Tips for better communication [22:25] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with some