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The Text, its Transmission, its Translation, and the Truth



Slideshow for this message is available We are in John chapter 8 this morning. And today is not your normal sermon and you’ll see why in just a second. Let’s begin in Samuel. When you read through the book of Samuel and Kings you very quickly pick up on a pattern. Here’s the pattern: when the author introduces us to a new king, he uses this formulaic introduction that looks like this: So hopefully you are seeing the idea. This formula is used at least 16 times that I could find. Now, there’s an interesting problem when you get to 1 Samuel 13:1. 1 Samuel 13:1 is another one of these formulas and it’s applied to Saul. But when you read it, you’ll see a problem. I’ll illustrate the problem by showing you three different translations: door 1, door 2, door 3, door 4. Now what’s going on here? The answer is the text is lost. Somewhere along the way, in the process of transmission, these numbers were either: intentionally left out, forgetfully left out or got destroyed so they could not be copied