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How Improvisation Skills Can Make You a Better Leader



Improvisation SkillsImprovisation skills in business sound counterintuitive. Afterall, there are strategic plans, goals, policies, procedures and other very carefully thought out activities. There doesn’t feel like much room for winging it. Yet today’s guest, Milo Shapiro, says using improvisation skills can actually make you a better business leader. What You’ll Discover About Improvisation Skills :* Why improvisation skills can make you a better leader [01:53] * How improvisation skill improve decision making [04:34] * Why sharp listening skills are essential improvisational skills [05:26] * How good improvisational skills can constructively advance business conversations [10:50] * How improvisation skills create more awareness of team dynamics [13:08] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Milo Shapirohttp://www.mi